conveyor systems

Conveyor Systems

A conveyor system transports the products or items through the finishing processes.

Often the conveyor system is not a focal point for the operator and maintenance personnel. Anyhow, the conveyor is put to a very high strain and this is why we always delivers very strong systems dimensioned to need a minimum of maintenance.

We offer three types of conveyor systems:

  • Single conveyor
  • Power and free conveyor
  • Manual conveyor

With more than 60 years of experience in the industry, we can surely guide you to the best conveyor solution matching your requirements.

Single Conveyor

On a single conveyor the products are transported continuously through the line without the possibility of changing track.

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Power and Free Conveyor

A power and free conveyor system provides you with the highest level of flexibility.

We apply power and free conveyor systems for lines requiring one or more of the following functions:

  • High load capacity (0-6000 kg or very long items – typical 5-25 m in length)
  • Very high flexibility – more booth systems in the same line, more process etc.
  • Loading and unloading by hoist

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Manual Conveyor

This conveyor system relies on manual conveying of the products through a finishing line. The system can be combined with a chain pulling the wagon through parts of the process, either as step or as continuous, creating a semi automatic function to the manual conveyor system.

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